The Best Print SMS From iPhone Apps

SMS Apps Used in Android

Why should you even bother with these Android SMS replacement apps? Keep reading about the best Print SMS from iPhone app. Well, first off, they’ll likely save you money as they’re all mostly free to text and send messages.

• How much they’ll save you is up to you?
• Do you dump your messaging plan altogether and fully rely on one of these apps to work 100% of the time?

By using these Android SMS replacement apps, you could surely cut down on your rate if wanted. The #1 reason you should try all these Android SMS apps and eventually choose one for your daily use is all the added features you’ll have. If you are a text-alcoholic and want more, then your factory SMS features, you NEED one of these apps.

These Android SMS Apps do much more than you’d ever imagine they could do. They’ll organize your texting chaos and your contacts while stimulating a few more of your senses while going on your next text binge. If this is a good thing for some of you, but for those of you that have your texting urges in check, it’s a great thing! Either way, all of these apps will surely be an upgrade to the interface you’ve been using text on your Android phone until now!

Why are the best apps on this list?

This list includes four apps. These four Android SMS apps are so much better than the rest; I felt it would be better to just leave this list at four rather than taking anything away from these great Android SMS apps. In this article I’ve written, these apps are listed in order from 4th best to the best Android SMS App you can download and use as an SMS replacement for your Android phone right now!
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1) WhatsApp Messenger - Android SMS
With this Android SMS Application, you can send and receive messages, pictures, audio and video messages at no cost to you – at least for the first year. WhatsApp Messenger plans to charge users for their services after you’ve owned the app for one year! The user interface of this app is very easy to use and simple.

2) Kik Messenger
This SMS Android App has only been available for three weeks and already over a million people have decided to use this app instead of their factory SMS interface! That’s quite an impressive growth for a new app. It’s easy to see why as it does everything you’d want an SMS platform to do. It’s easy-to-use and looks great. It boasts being “Crazy Fast, ” and when testing it, I would have to agree with their claims. Now that they’re fully cross-platform and it’s free to use for any Smartphone to Smartphone interaction, I certainly would suggest you all try this app (along with the other three on this list to find your absolute favorite).

3) chomp SMS
This is the 2nd most popular SMS Android solution. Like Handcent SMS, this app does it all and does it very well. You’ll have plenty of options available to make this app your own. If you like the chat bubbles, you’ll be able to integrate that. Or, if you like the sleek, minimalist look, that can also be achieved. Do you want to spice up your SMS interface? What’s this SMS Android app’s claim to fame? I’d have to say the level of customization available. If you were to look at ten people’s chompSMS interfaces on their phones, you’d probably only see a couple of them look the same.

4) Handcent SMS
You really won’t know what your phone is capable of until you’ve downloaded this Android SMS app and are using it every day! Is Handcent SMS that good? Probably better actually. If you are texting without this app, it’s like eating food with no taste buds. Sure, it’s possible, but you’re not getting the enjoyment that most get out of it. One thing that makes this app a bit more appealing than the rest, it’s more advanced features. There are numerous other free apps available made by the same developer that are just slight upgrades to this Android SMS app

Print SMS from iPhone App

Do you have text messages on your iPhone really important, you want to print to have them archived? Since you might want to print the SMS with the conversion results for your business. There are different ways to print text messages from an iPhone.

When you are viewing text messages on your iPhone, press edit, select all the messages you want and then send them where you want. But by following this method, you will lose all date and time information. Another way to do this is by taking a screenshot (press and release the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously) and send them by email to yourself. If it is a long conversation, you will have to take several screenshots in order to have the entire conversation saved in full.

Among the shortest and easiest way to do this task is Print SMS from iPhone App. By the help of this free app, you can easily print all your important SMS, images, and VMSG files.

For more details how to print text messages from iPhone, check out this article: